The first step to changing your life is to realize change is needed. When I think of money, the following things comes to mind: freedom, family, God, and relationship.

I grew up in an environment where money wasn’t always in abundance. There was no budget to track what we spent and how we saved. Money at that time simply meant “spend.” We often bought things with money we didn’t have.

Fast forward to today. I have a full time job that I enjoy. And I make enough to live a humble, happy lifestyle. Still, I find myself going through the bumps and hiccups of life, such as splurging on things I can live without, and not having enough for those unexpected expenses.

One year, I lived on an annual income of $9,000. Today, I make about four times that amount and yet can’t seem to manage sometimes. Which is why this year, I’ve decided to start a new journey, a new year to gain financial freedom and get rid of bad financial habits.

If anything I’ve said sounds familiar, I invite you to stick around and join me on this journey of budgeting to not only save up for the rainy days but also to create a healthy financial lifestyle.

Love, N.